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This is an exciting new concept in living and adds a whole new meaning and sense of style to the humble sleepout. Stylishly designed and individually adapted to accommodate any lifestyle these bedroom modules have the wow factor whilst utilizing space in the most efficient way possible.

Designed to make use of Schedule 1 of the Building Act these 10m2 bedroom modules contain no services and do not need building consent*. They are positioned adjacent to an existing residence utilizing its services. They are fully insulated, double glazed and built in accordance with New Zealand Codes.

All have quality materials and built in joinery individually tailored to the end user. They come in two forms; one fits a queen size bed and the other a single or double bed. Their unique triangular form utilizes 3 distinct areas for storage, sleeping and working whilst keeping the central core area free for other activities. The design offers a multitude of variations on layout and site placement and can be grouped together in a variety of different and interesting ways.

They can be used for short or long term rentals, teens, offices or whatever accommodation usage that suits.

They arrive on site and are erected with no interference with the normal running of the existing household unit. If you already own a rental property each unit added will give unheard of returns on investment and can add considerable more value to your property portfolio than the module outlay.

Please contact Graham from Active Design for further information, specifications and viewing.